Custom Skateboards I

(ages 9+)

Imagine pulling an ollie on your very own custom designed deck! You could be hitting the ramps or cruising the streets on a street deck or longboard you designed and built yourself! Using Roarockit’s Thin Air Press vacuum bag system, you will shape a foam mold and press Canadian Maple veneers into your own unique deck design, and create your own personal logo to brand your custom board!





5-day Camp: June 19-23, 9-3:30
$590 + HST


4-day Camp: July 4-7, 9-3.30
$490 + HST





Tuesdays: June 27-July 18, 7-9.30pm
$280 + HST



Note: price includes all materials to complete a skateboard deck; trucks and wheels are not included.